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We rely on our sight in all aspects of daily lives for that reason an eye examination with a qualified optometrist is essential to monitor ocular health and maintain the best possible vision.

Poor eyesight can impact activities such as reading but can also be an indicator of eye disease. Athlone Opticians strives to provide the most thorough eye exam using the latest technology and equipment so our patients can have full confidence in our findings and recommendations.

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A full eye test generally takes 30-45 minutes to complete. The reason we take a little longer than our competitors is that we want to ensure that you achieve the best possible vision and carry out every necessary test to ensure this is possible. During the eye exam the following will occur


The optometrist will gain information on your general health, past ocular history, family history and any occupational activities which all may have an impact on your vision and visual needs.


Vision will be assessed and tests to determine if you are longsighted (hyperopic), short-sighted (myopic), or have astigmatism will be carried out. The appropriate prescription will then be decided upon.


Binocular vision will be assessed, how well the eyes work together, as this can often be the cause of eyestrain and headaches.


Intraocular pressures measured (glaucoma screening) and visual field analysis if necessary.


We then check for any potential eye disease such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy to name a few. Our equipment includes a digital retinal camera which allows us to take photographs of the inside of your eyes so even small abnormalities can be detected, recorded and compared in future checks.


Colour vision is assessed to see if a person has difficulty distinguishing between certain colour most commonly red/green. It is helpful to have your colour vision assessed at a young age so that steps can be taken to avoid learning problems and career opportunities discussed.


Your optometrist will then discuss the exam’s findings and any treatment prescribed, we will also provide advice on how to maintain/improve ocular health and vision.

We recommend an eye exam every two years, however for younger patients under 16 years and those over 70 years we recommend an annual eye exam. We also recommend an annual eye exam for patients with diabetes, glaucoma, including those with a family history, macular degeneration and cataract.


Most people are covered for a free eye examination and a contribution towards glasses through medical card or PRSI cover, since 2017 the PRSI cover includes those who are self employed.

If you would like to book an eye examination or enquire about your eligibility through medical card or prsi cover please phone us on 090 6450696 or book online today.

Zeiss Lens Experience

At Athlone Opticians we offer the exclusive Zeiss lens experience. We offer :

Single vision lenses:  The same prescription across the entire lens surface. These are suitable for distance, reading and intermediate. This may be your preferred option if you are starting to have difficulty reading and feel your arms aren’t long enough! There is a physical change which occurs in the eyes after the age of 40 called presbyopia. This means the crystalline lens in the eye becomes more rigid making it difficult to read at close range

Bifocals: Lenses which have two distinct zones. The top zone is for distance and the lower zone is for reading. These lenses do not have an intermediate zone so are not suitable for vdu users. At Athlone Opticians we generally recommend bifocals for the purposes of myopia control for children as they are very effective.

Varifocals or Progressives: Lenses which have three zones, distance, intermediate and near. There is no dividing line so they are more cosmetically appealing than bifocals and provide a more natural type of vision. Zeiss lenses as the world leaders in optics offer the best varifocals available on the market ensuring the areas of soft focus at the edge of the varifocal lens are kept to a minimum. At Athlone Opticians we have found that some patients who couldn’t tolerate varifocals in the past have begun to love them once switched over to a Zeiss lens.

Occupational lens: An excellent lens of choice for those who want to avoid the distance blur caused by reading glasses or for those who are carrying out a lot of intermediate and near tasks. The upper zone is for intermediate vision and the lower zone is for reading with no dividing line.

Anti-Reflection Lenses:  These lenses are highly recommended as they reduce the reflections from the surface of the lens ensuring better vision when night driving, using vdu or under any artificial light. The  Zeiss anti-reflection coating we provide is water, dirt and oil repellent ensuring you don’t spend all your time cleaning your glasses.

Blue light filters: DuraVision® BlueProtect by ZEISS is a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as TV, computer or tablet screens. We have found these lenses are very popular in recent times as people spend excessive times on screens.

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