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Athlone Opticians prides itself on bringing the best of international eyewear designs to its clients from trade shows around Europe including London, Paris and Milan.

We stock an extensive range of frames from subtle understated eyewear to bold statement eyewear. Your frame consultant will provide plenty of time ensuring you feel under no pressure to choose. During the consultation face shape, complexion, prescription and occupation will be considered when choosing the right frame for each individual client.

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A Selection Of Our Leading Designer Frame Options

Prada represents the best of Italian culture and tradition. It is one of the most innovative, prestigious and widely recognized brands in the fashion and luxury goods industries, with a keen attention to details and new trends. The Prada eyewear collection reflects this approach with unmistakable style, refined elegance and uncompromising quality. The Prada collection also includes the Prada Linea Rossa line, which is inspired by the world of luxury sports to convey an everyday casual yet sophisticated style.

In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany founded his company in New York City where his store was soon acclaimed as the palace of jewels for its exceptional gemstones. Since then, Tiffany & Co. has become synonymous with elegance, innovative design, fine craftmanship and creative excellence. In 2008, Luxottica became Tiffany’s first eyewear licensee and has produced optical styles and sunglasses for the jeweller. Much like the collections they draw inspiration from, Tiffany eyewear celebrates beautiful design and expert craftsmanship.

Creating glasses with natural materials and mineral glass lenses for over three generations. Art, culture, and creativity inspire colourful designs and our way to see the world. Experience and know-how stretches over 70 years. For 20 of those years, Etnia Barcelona have been using artisan techniques to create the highest-quality glasses on the market. Etnia Barcelona challenges everyone to express themselves fearlessly. They are color, art, and culture – but more than anything, they are Barcelona. A city open to the world, a way of life, simply a question of attitude.

Each one of the frames is hand painted. This is what gives Ronit Furst the freedom to produce almost every pattern and color combination that you can imagine. Looking closely one can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas. After the painting is done the frame undergo a special coating procedure, which will give it it’s finished look – crystal shiny or sandy matt – and which also protects the painting from dirt and other unwanted effects. The frames are designed to look different from every angle, with fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated color schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of the range is to create quirky ,individual styles that capture the wearer’s personality.

The frames and sunglasses from the international brand are authentic, colourful and always bang on-trend. Exemplary of unconventional looks, inspired by urban street style of the hippest cities. Humphrey’s eyewear is a diversity of designs for fashion conscious people, who like to define their own aesthetic identity. From puristic clean to conspicuously colourful. Because life simply is colourful. Everyone has their favourites and sets their own style priorities. This is why it is important that there are trend pieces such as frames and sunglasses from Humphrey’s eyewear. They are fashion-oriented and at the same time offer maximum scope for individual style.

The Carolina Herrera eyewear collection presents timeless styles exuding a modern freshness perfect for the CH Carolina Herrera woman. The models are unique with their balanced shapes, elegant colour combinations and premium-quality original details. An accessible luxury in harmony with an extensive variety of styles. Fresh iterations are introduced throughout the collection with iconic elements, such as the stripes and CH red. Coloured enamel and bold chromatic effects between the acetates are alternated with metallic reflections, providing each and every style with a touch of boldness. The eyewear models also feature references to the collection’s clothing and accessories, perfecting the complete head to toe look.

Iconic Eyewear From Austria since 1964. Exceptional aesthetic often arises from the combination of two seemingly opposing poles. Silhouette eyewear has always succeeded in mastering this art: Achieving unparalleled lightness through inner strength. To remain true to oneself and to constantly set new impulses. To create timeless design that also meets the spirit of the age. In Austria, they have a long tradition of producing classic and innovative eyewear that goes right back to 1964. The production philosophy – with its craftsmanship and emphasis on manual work – is akin to that of a cottage industry. The result is unique eyewear that will delight and surprise you in terms of its innovation. Excellent design and high-quality materials create a clarity of design that expresses the individuality of the people who wear them.

Maui Jim got its start in 1980 as a small company selling sunglasses on Ka’anapali beach in Lahaina, Maui. Seeing a need in the market for technology that could combat intense glare and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colours of the island to life we engineered the revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® lens. What began as our Classic Collection of seven styles, has evolved into over 125 styles of sunglasses, all of which are polarized and protect from 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Our home office is located in Lahaina, Maui, and we still design and test all of our sunglasses there. We take our cues from the sun. It’s as much a part of our lives as the air that we breathe. We work in it. We play under it. We relax in it. We are always finding new ways to reveal more of the vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the effects of harsh glare and harmful rays

Created in the early 80’s by Giorgio Armani, this label is designed for trendy customers who love the Armani DNA. Armani’s core elements are revisited in a modern take on fresh style, with innovative and colorful designs that are distinguished by contemporary lines, shapes and materials.

Timeless style, authenticity and freedom of expression are the core values of Ray-Ban, a leader in sun and prescription eyewear for generations. Since the introduction of the iconic Aviator model created for the aviators of the United States Army, Ray-Ban has been at the forefront of cultural change, becoming a symbol of self-expression, worn by celebrities from James Dean to Audrey Hepburn and public figures all around the world. Ray-Ban has proven indispensible for cultural icons who don’t want to be seen – but definitely want to be noticed.


Protect your eyes from summer shine and winter glare, with stylish sunglasses that deserve a place in your look all year round.

Basking in the sunshine promotes rejuvenation and well-being, it is however not without its dangers. Long-term exposure to even small amounts of UV radiation can increase your risk of developing cataracts or macular degeneration. UV exposure adds up over time. Long-term UV exposure can also causes tissue elevations on the surface of your eye. These are called pingueculae and pterygia. Using sunglasses faithfully when outdoors may limit these.

We have an extensive range of designer sunglasses from Prada, Tiffany & Co, Coach, Emporio Armani, Rayban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Polaroid & many more. We will advise you on the optimum fit to achieve maximum protection from UV light and always recommend polarised sunglasses for those who are outdoors on water or driving to reduce glare as much as possible.

Sunglasses for Children

It is especially important to protect children’s eyes. According to the World Health Organisation, children’s eyes are more sensitive to UV absorption and up to 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV will occur before the age of 18.

At Athlone Opticians we offer Rayban, Polaroid and Cébé sunglasses for children. We also stock a range of Centrostyle frames which come with a magnetic sunspec clip offering two pairs of glasses in one.

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